About Us

About Us

Traveling to Nairobi and need a car? We got you covered!

NairobiCar offers you the fastest, simplest and most convenient car hire experience in Africa! As part of Savanna Sunrise, Africa's fastest-growing Travel and Hospitality Group, we guarantee you the kind of world-class experience that will make you realise that Africa has changed beyond recognition! Our booking centre is waiting for your call or e-mail 24/7, and our attentive staff will be happy to respond within minutes, anytime! You can also contact us via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Whatsapp, Skype, you name it! We are there for you!

Our vision

We aim to offer the simplest, safest and most convenient car hire experience in Africa. We know that you want to plan your trip online and in advance, and to have everything ready and lined up when you arrive. In the past, travelers to Nairobi have in reality had the choice between exorbitantly expensive car rental, local deals that involve time-consuming haggling, or full-time taxi hire at very inflated rates. We aim to provide you with the kind of alternative that you would expect in a global 21st-century city like Nairobi.


NairobiCar is part of Reservations.Express, a Dubai-based travel and hospitality group operating in East and Central Africa. We bring disruptive change to the mid-market segment of the travel and hospitality industry in Africa.